Sunday, July 12, 2009

My big backyard

We have more than 20 acres here and over the years have made so many change and improvements. When the kids were younger and in 4-H we had goats, turkey's, an assortment of chickens, and 38 holland lop rabbits. Now life is much quieter and calmer! A few chickens and gardens and a couple dogs. The cats keep showing up, they get fed and spayed or nuetered and we try to find homes, but some do stay!

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Gloria said...

HI was admiring your esty store today, you've got some great items. Ok going to go back to and do some more looking.

wishing you well. Love all the on a small farm when I was a kid..lots of work but I have a great love for animals and nature...homemade stuff which I am grateful for.