Monday, February 2, 2009

And This Will Stop When??

I use to sleep like a rock. Nothing could wake me up! I don't sleep any more. I want to but it's not happening! This morning I was up and doing laundrey at 3:30am. That's just not right. I guess the up side is I do get much more done in a day!
I've been working on some great new projects and can't wait to get them listed! I think I'm going to also try ARTFIRE. It's such a clean and organized site. I hope to do well. I will post some new pictures when I get them.I worked in my Etsy shop this morning also. Check out the winter sale in my smmak2 shop, great deals for you or next years gift giving!
until next time......

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Gloria said...

Sleep what is sleep. Yes, I get my best work done at 3am also...It has something to do with your 40's I THINK!
I think the old fashion myths really work...warm like a charm for me...that is when I drink it....not crazy about warm milk but when i am sick of tired of being awake I drink it.