Monday, January 12, 2009

Old timers

My grand mother is 87.Good enough health and self sufficient. My uncle on the other hand has more medical issues than mortaly possible! The EMS took him last night to the hospital. Possible heart attack or stroke. Grandma panics and I'm the chaufer. Waited 4 hours for his discharge today. Ticker is fine, bot his rumatoid arthritis keeps getting worse. It's very hard aging. Being use to taking care of others and then needing to be taken care of. Sucks!

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Elisa said...

Thanks for your comments in my blog! Actually, I used to write also in English earlier, but as I didn´t know whether I had any English-speaking readers, I stopped doing that. But it´s fun that you somehow found my blog! Yours is all new to me!

Oh, and some coincidence: my cousins live in michigan, too :)